Tips for Choosing the Right Home for the Right Block

Building a new home can seem overwhelming, with so many things to consider it’s ideal to have an expert to help you every step of the way and avoid any costly mistakes.

Giving consideration to and selecting a home design that suits your needs is the best place to start your new home journey. Then you can seek out a block of land that will suit the design and home you choose. Ultimately, you need a block of land to suit your lifestyle and choosing the block first may limit your building options.

The key to success is working closely with your builder to ensure the block of land suits your preferred home design. It’s also helpful to know early in the process if your dream home doesn’t quite fit on the block so the builder can work with you to modify the design and give you piece of mind, so you can sit back and enjoy the process. At Pantha Homes our New Home Sales Consultants are well versed with these processes and are very happy to help guide and assist you and they also have access to professional design, drafting and estimating services as part of the wider team for more complex considerations.

Generally choosing a level block will be easier and more affordable to build on, whilst an elevated or sloping block allows for an individual design or a custom build, but will involve additional costs. Take into consideration any additions you may like early in the planning process, for example if you want a pool it should be factored into your design, house siting, landscaping plans and of course your overall budget.  Your New Home Sales Consultant will help you identify and understand the total combined budget requirements for your exciting new home build.

We have collated some top tips from our new home building experts to help you build your dream home in the ideal area:


When choosing your location for your new home it’s important to consider:

  • Proximity to main arterial highways and public transport
  • General commute time to work, school and daily activities
  • The schools/childcare in the local area
  • The shopping centres and retail outlets in the local area
  • Distance to parks and open space
  • Total budget for a house and land

Choosing your block of land

  • Is your preferred location based on lifestyle wants and needs or practicality e.g. Close to work and school and or other family members, or purely on affordability?
  • Depending on the response above – you may then need to consider what house design best suits your current and foreseeable future needs.
  • Is it close to a busy road and will there be traffic considerations and noise?
  • Is it near a T-intersection or cul-de-sac and will headlights be a problem shining into your home?
  • Is the view from the block adding or detracting from the price of the block?
  • Will the shape and slope of the block add to the cost of your build?
  • Is your block elevated for breezes and/or views and does this mean an increased resale value?
  • What is the orientation of your block? Are you able to position your home to avoid western sun and enjoy northern warmth?
  • Is the block located in an established or new estate? Are all the main services accessible including water, sewerage, gas, electricity and NBN?
  • Are there design covenants in place which will affect your home design and ensure neighbouring homes are built to a particular standard?



So whilst land availability may be limited and many people find themselves needing to first secure the land and then look at house designs to suit, if you are able to choose your home design first then you are likely going to have the important attributes to match your lifestyle needs and wants met.

Visit our home design selection tool where you can search for designs based on either the Land Lot size and/or overall house size or other attributes such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms and even home decorating inspiration.

At Pantha Homes we also allow modifications to our standard plans, so if there is something that doesn’t quite suit your needs fully, don’t worry as we can look at incorporating the changes your require. Pantha Homes also offers drafting and design services for full custom home designs.

For more advice on building your dream home visit one of our Display Homes and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable New Home Sales Consultants or contact Pantha Homes and we will tailor a home to suit your lifestyle and budget and be with you every step of the way.