The Pantha guide to building your new home


If you are yet to purchase land, here are few tips on what to look for: Is the block level? Is retaining, cut and fill or piering required? How do I go about this and how much will it cost? A flat block can be less expensive in the long run for you and easier to build on.

Does the block have any easements? Some easements can be built over with the use of piering or mass density concrete encasement, and some allow you to build right up to their boundary. This information can be acquired by asking your conveyancer or by obtaining a copy of the disclosure plan/title search from council or developer.
Have you completed a soil test? If not, we are happy to arrange this for you for a small fee. As part of our inclusions we include costs to build up to an ‘M’ site classification (no piers).

The Australian Standards classify sites based on the expected movement of the foundation soil (generally related to the capacity of the soil to shrink and swell). The typical classifications are:

  • Class A- Little or no ground movement
  • Class S- Slightly reactive sites
  • Class M – Moderately reactive sites
  • Class H- Highly reactive sites
  • Class E – Extremely reactive sites
  • Class P – Problem site

Have you checked if there are any building covenants to the block of land? A Building Covenant means that the developer maintains control over the quality and aesthetics of the houses built in the estate.
Covenants and Planning Instruments may be placed over:

  • The building envelope allowed for
  • The minimum size of the house to be built
  • Driveways and fence construction types
  • The external facade allowed
  • Water courses on the block


If you already have that perfect block of land, ask your Pantha Homes’ sales consultant for advice on which home design may best suit your block. Most of our designs can be modified to suit your requirements. We are here to help you get started.


Once you have settled on a block and a plan that’s right for you, our sales team can prepare a ‘Preliminary Estimate’ based on a standard design with provisional allowances made if required.

You will need to

☐ Provide contact details.
☐ Provide land details and associated information.
☐ Provide confirmation of your preferred home design and inclusions.

Note: to obtain a list of all standard inclusions and additional charges for optional extras or alterations of your preferred home design, please speak to one of our home sales consultants.

Option 1 – Standard Design ‘Preliminary Estimate’
Our expert staff can provide a rapid build estimate when standard designs are selected with minor or no inclusion modification and no design alterations.

Option 2 – Non Standard Design/ Inclusion ‘Preliminary Estimate’
Engage Pantha Homes via Preliminary Agreement, at which time a non-refundable pre-deposit amount is due. (See Fee Structure)

We will
☐ Prepare pre-deposit paperwork.
☐ Organise a site inspection where applicable.
☐ Complete concept plans.
☐ Complete an estimate based on the selected design.


Once you have decided to accept the ‘Preliminary Estimate’ offer by Pantha Homes the following is to occur;

You will need to
☐ Advise your acceptance of your ‘Preliminary Estimate’ on the selected design and pay the balance of the required non-refundable pre-deposit amount.
(See Fee Structure. If a preliminary agreement is not yet completed do so prior to making payment of the pre-deposit balance)

☐ Provide relevant and current documentation such as:

  • Evidence of land ownership (if available)
  • Land Developer Covenant (if applicable)
  • SP/Disclosure Plan

☐ Advise of any other requirement of minor adjustments so they can be addressed at this stage.
☐ Complete and submit a Contract Advice form for preparation of contract documents.

We will
☐ Send your file to the drafting team to produce plans required for contract purposes.
☐ Produce contract documents for you to sign.


You will need to
☐ Attend your colour selection appointment to specify choices on all finishes. (allowance for your colour selection appointment is to be 3 hours.)
☐ Bring along any design guideline requirements applicable for your land that may impact on your colour selection.
☐ Confirm the positioning of lights, switches, power points and other electrical items for completion of electrical plans.
☐ Finalise and sign your colour selection on this day (should no variations be required).
☐ Review all material supplied by Pantha Homes and sign off.

We will
☐ Provide pricing for additional items you may have selected and prepare a variation upon approval of the proposed costs for additional items.
☐ Complete your electrical plan.

Note: You can choose from one of our pre-designed colour selections that have been designed for us by our interior designer.


You will need to
☐ Supply your unconditional finance approval to Pantha Homes’.
☐ Pay 5% deposit if self financed, or financier to pay upon receiving certified plans.

We will
☐ Upon receiving notification of finance approval, lodge your plans for approval with the council or a private certifier as well as apply for covenant approvals with your estate developer (if applicable).
☐ Issue a Deposit Invoice.

Note: Orders for materials and site works for your new home are issued to suppliers and trades prior to site works commencing and thus variations desired after orders are issued will incur a $200 administration fee.


You will need to
☐ Ensure the required 5% deposit is paid prior to certification application for self financed builds or within terms of payment as listed on your deposit invoice once an Authority to Commence Construction (ACC) is supplied by the financier to you.
☐ Supply the Building Approval documentation for your financier and seek ACC.
☐ Provide Pantha Homes’ with your ACC authorisation to enable construction to commence.
☐ Should you be self-funded, you will need to meet the conditions of the Building Agreement to enable construction to commence.

We will
☐ Provide you with a copy of your Building Approval documentation to enable you to supply a copy to your financial lender (if applicable).
☐ Start site works as soon as Pantha Homes has received the required 5% deposit, and as soon as scheduling and/or site conditions allow

You will now enter the BUILD PHASE.



The construction of your new home can commence once we have received your 5% deposit, and the necessary documentation including all relevant approvals and details of your finishes.

You will be provided with the contact details of your Building Supervisor and Project Officer, should one be appointed to you, both of whom are available to answer any questions you may have during the construction of your home.


We will
☐ Undertake site cut, ground excavation, install sewer and stormwater drains, underground power, slab drainage, concrete piering (if required) and the concrete slab pour.

You will need to
☐ Forward the progress payment invoice to your financial lender, for payment within 7 days.


We will
☐ Set out, construct and erect frames and roof trusses.

You will need to
☐ Forward the progress payment invoice to your financial lender, for payment within 7 days.


We will
☐ Install windows, external doors, gutters, fascias, roof covering and the water and electrical provisions added within framework.

You will need to
☐ Forward the progress payment invoice to your financial lender, for payment within 7 days.


We will
☐ Install the plasterboard lining, brickwork and the garage door.

You will need to
☐ Forward the progress payment invoice to your financial lender, for payment within 7 days.


We will
☐ Install all the internal linings, architraves, cornices, skirtings, doors to rooms, baths, shower trays, wet area tiling, built-in shelves, built-in cabinets and built-in cupboards are fitted and fixed in position.

You will need to
☐ Forward the progress payment invoice to your financial lender, for payment within 7 days.


We will
☐ Start to put the finishing touches on your new home. Inclusive of items as stated in your build contract specifications.

Your Building Supervisor will now contact you to arrange a ‘Practical Completion’ inspection of your new home. Together you will inspect your new home and discuss any items which need to be addressed before you move in.

You will need to
☐ Liaise with your financial lender to meet their requirements for settlement and to allow funds to be released.


The day you have waited for has arrived. Upon settlement we will meet with you to present the keys to your new home. Prior to the release of the keys and completion of the handover we will require final payment to have been made.


Pantha Homes’ is committed to helping you settle into your new home via a twelve month maintenance inspection. During this time, all you need to do is record any items you feel need attention and we will inspect and address all relevant items at the end of the first twelve months in your new home.

Note: Maintenance period covers the house only for defects resulting from the building process and does not cover home owner or tenant damage. All landscaping maintenance is to be performed by each property owner or tenant. Yard maintenance is very important as the finished levels of the yard can alter with time depending on the reactivity of the soil. It is extremely important to prevent water ponding around the perimeter of the house. Failure to provide this maintenance could result in voiding your 6 year + 6 months structural warranty.