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Outgrown your old home but love the location? A knockdown rebuild project might provide the answer!

Families, home-run businesses and property developers are constantly aware of the importance of the right location. The presence of a less than average property on a better than average lot is therefore the ideal opportunity for Pantha Homes to prove its excellence as a new home builder in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast’s booming property industry. What’s more, knockdown rebuild costs are much more affordable than you might think.

As you have probably been told by a great number of builders, Brisbane property is on the rise; the right lot can sell for well over its actual value, while even small lots or narrow lots can command a healthy budget. Real-estate price fluctuations do little to affect the worth of a great piece of urban land. This is why relocation from a prime site is the equivalent of a deadly property sin.

Pantha Homes are often asked to undertake knockdown rebuilds in Brisbane by families that have quickly outgrown their old property but are well settled in the neighbourhood, house owners that run long-standing and trusted businesses from home, and property developers looking to make the most out of the land they own. The knockdown rebuild option is viewed as a practical and long-term investment that increases land values within the immediate neighbourhood and transforms average low-cost living conditions into luxury living experiences.

Pantha Homes – a North Lakes builder (Brisbane) – is family owned and operated and, as a local company, very up to date with Queensland building standards and requirements. Our long-running service in this region has allowed us to build up strong relationships with Brisbane-based suppliers and services. Although we construct modern custom homes – either as new builds or knockdown and rebuilds – we strive to ensure the visual identity of our city is improved, one home at a time. We do this by creating residential properties that salute Queensland’s construction history and traditions without compromising on technology, materials, practicality and sustainability, at the same time integrating a fantastic range of sleek, stunning and very modern designs. While many new build companies require you to stick to their design catalogue or opt for a complete custom design, Pantha Homes will make adjustments to our standard designs to make the most of your lot’s dimensions.

Another area in which we specialise is the knockdown and rebuilding of custom narrow lot homes in urban environments. Together with our customers, the Pantha Homes team can come up with a practical and beautiful design that turns a seemingly cramped and limited space into a light, modern and intensely personal home at a price that many are surprised they can afford. Not only does the knockdown rebuild option raise the value of your property, but you also find yourself free to remain in your chosen location for as long as you wish. Pantha Homes, local North Brisbane builders and home designers can certainly work narrow lot property magic.

For investors, our brief is usually to create a low-maintenance space that offers the maximum profit at an economical build price. At Pantha Homes, this does not mean compromising on fixtures and fittings. We recommend our rapid knockdown rebuild or turnkey solutions for clients with extensive real-estate portfolios in and around Brisbane.

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